This is the Privacy Policy for Coreg Insider.

Our Contact Information is:
support (AT)

We collect no information about our visitor's domain, but we do collect information about our visitor's email address when available.

For visitors on our website we collect:

  • The name and email address from visitors who post on our website.
  • The name email address from the visitors who communicate with us via email.
  • Any information given to us by users that contact us via inquiry form, survey, etc.

The information that we collect is used for:

  • Internal review, tracking, or contacting and is then archived for future reference.
  • Contact information for marketing purposes, including newsletters, emails or periodic advertisements from our company.

We do not set any cookies for any purpose.

If you are currently receiving a newsletter or emails from us and would like to stop receiving them, simply click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any of those emails.

With respect to sensitive information, we will redirect the user to a secure page either on our site, or to a trusted 3rd party site before transferring or receiving sensitive data. This information may include credit card or banking information, medical information, or other sensitive information.

For questions regarding our privacy policy or website in general, please contact by; email, listed above.

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